3 Lions (but no wands) in London – 14/11/2018 to 16/11/2018

Travelling up to London we had in mind to do 3 things before flying to Gibraltar, but as can happen sometimes, plans do not always come to fruition! Arriving into Victoria Station at 19:30 we headed to St Paul’s to see the Harry Potter wands light and music show that lined the walkway from the Millennium Bridge to the cathedral, celebrating the release of the Crimes of Grindelwald. Only for the blasted things to have been taken down – despite conflicting reports online that stated they were to be seen until the end of November, we were a day too late. The 13th was their final spell.

A walk across Millennium Bridge at night is never a total waste of time though!

We also had the best intentions to visit Kew Gardens the following morning but missed our alarms and slept in instead! After realising we’d fucked up, we had a coffee and headed to meet Emily’s aunt and friend for lunch. Luckily, we didn’t miss this appointment and were able to spend the afternoon catching up and sharing stories of our various adventures in the time since Emily had seen them last. There will always be Kew Gardens next time we visit after all, but Emily’s family in London – perhaps not!

Left enough time to make this though!

Our final destination we made. Emily, Kevin (one of my best friends and who we stay with in London) and I went to see England THRASH the USA 3-0 at Wembley. With Emily loving soccer, England and the USA playing a friendly at Wembley seemed too good an opportunity to miss and pretty perfect considering the timing being so soon after her moving to the UK. Admittedly I think she would have preferred a closer game, but I was thrilled to see England play at Wembley and see Wayne Rooney’s final Three Lions appearance. Success – other than Kevin having to bin his work bag because it was too large to go through stadium security (a highlight for me).

The teams lining up

Heading home late, we turned in with an Uber booked for our early start the next day… a flight to Gibraltar and a date with some monkeys, which I’ll be sharing soon – so watch this space!

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The whole gang – Kevin, me (featuring demon poppy) and Emily