7 Miles of SWCP: Rame Head to Portwrinkle – 18/05/2019

Another weekend, another hike and coastal path adventure. Emily and I have decided to try and hike the whole coastal path in the coming years, stage by stage. At 630 miles long we know this is a challenge for several years to come, but this weekend we chipped off another 7 miles. Previously walking Rame Head to Plymouth and Plymouth to Jennycliff we decided to go back to Rame and go west further into Cornwall.

The always spectacular Rame Head

The coastal path can be annoying as it doesn’t lend itself to hiking with a car – the walks aren’t loops so if you park up you will need to head back (more often than not) the way you came. Luckily there are train connections along the coast in Cornwall and you can get a bus from town to town making it not too difficult to link up to a train station (or in our case Plymouth). So we got up early and jumped on the 70 bus from Plymouth to Rame Village, took the brief trail through the fields and meadows to reach Rame Head and had breakfast with the resident ponies.

I can’t help but make friends!

Our aim for the day was to follow the cliffs along Whitsand Bay to Portwrinkle. Heading in that direction we were lucky enough to have perfect walking weather; a cool breeze to take the heat out of the sun as it filtered through the occasional cloud. With summer on its way there were flowers and wildlife to be seen all around us as we hiked past Freathy, before joining Military road. So while there was an unavoidable stretch of roadside walking, we were treated to all the colours and smells of spring along the way. The views, as usual, were spectacular. We love Cornwall.

All the beauty of spring on the coastal path

Wrapping around from Freathy we made good time towards Tregantle Fort and with no live firing that day, were able to hike through the ranges. It is always worth checking the live firing dates (link below) when planning this section of the coastal path, or you may end up being pushed further inland for safety! Since we weren’t being shot at and a picnic on a hike is a must, we shared a pasty, jerky and fruit for lunch while staring out to sea. 

Looking out to sea is always a treat when having lunch, no matter how often you do it!

From Tregantle it isn’t too far to Portwrinkle. After lunch had settled we made the final leg of our journey, avoided the golfers at the Whitsand Bay Golf Club and steadily climbed down to the cosy Cornish seaside town. Beautiful Portwrinkle. We made our way to the Jolly Roger café and enjoyed a milkshake before winding down to the beach.

Sharing a Cornish ice-cream Milkshake to end a hike is the best way to end a hike

With buses back to Plymouth every hour until 17:53 we weren’t too worried about time and enjoyed the afternoon exploring rock pools and scavenging for shells and beach glass until the tide came back in. Once we were satisfied, we got the bus back to Plymouth and enjoyed the Cornish countryside all the way back. A fantastic day and 21.8 miles of the coastal path completed together so far!

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Since moving to the sea I think it’s fair to say that Emily has got over her fear of crabs!