Hi, I’m Liam. Or rather, I’m Indiana Janner.

Why Indiana Janner? For those who don’t know, a Janner is someone from Plymouth, UK, which happens to be my hometown. Much like Indiana Jones I consider myself an adventurer, I like to get out into the wild and explore, discovering the history of wherever my latest expedition has led me. This passion has led to the creation of my blog – Indiana Janner.

Living in Plymouth I’m lucky enough to have easy access to much of Devon and Cornwall, allowing me to vary my adventures from sparse open moorland on Dartmoor National Park to rugged cliffs along the South West Coast Path. Wherever I find myself, while I may not be in the same immediate danger as Indy, I endeavour to find something a little different from just the face value of my environment. Whether this is through photography or finding a historical site, I will be sharing these experiences through this blog. I may not be a professor of archaeology, but I do a have a Masters Degree in history, so hopefully, these insights will be interesting – or at least mostly accurate! Finally, from time to time (as often as I can) I will venture further afield and abroad, sharing these travels and adventures as well. 


Dartmoor National Park, South of Okehampton, England, May 2018

As of 2018 I’ve no longer been adventuring solo!

As such, it’s high time I let Emily introduce herself, rather than just sharing our experiences. Going forwards it will be the pair of us posting to this blog and website, so without further ado…

Hello there!

I’m still mulling over a fun regionally based name like Indiana Janner, so for now feel free to call me plain ol’ Emily. For those of you new to this blog I’ll give you a quick 411 about myself. I hail from the great state of Colorado in the U.S.A, it’s a gorgeous place filled with rolling fields of grain to the east and the dramatic Rocky Mountains out west. Growing up there inspired my love of all things wild and outdoorsy. I now live in South West England with my brilliant, inspiring, and adventurous other half – Indiana Janner. I’m excited to be able to share with you some of our experiences as we continue to learn and explore new cultures, natural areas, and some delicious food along the way!

Flatirons at Boulder, Colorado, USA, October 2018

We hope you enjoy these posts and places as much as we will invariably have enjoyed exploring and making them. It would be great if some of you are inspired to go and see what adventures you can have; near or far.

Finally feel free to check us out on the following platforms; we look forward to sharing content with you!

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Suomenlinna, Island off Helsinki, Finland, March 2018