Back in London – 04/06/21 to 06/06/21

Going up to London is always a treat, especially after it feels like forever since your last visit. And to be fair it almost is. January 2019, on the way back from travelling. It seems a lifetime ago! What I didn’t miss however, was the journey. For Emily and me it was our first time driving up from Plymouth, and taking the A303 on a half term Friday was a mistake we won’t repeat again!

4 hours my ass

Staying with a large group of friends in an Airbnb, we were all there to see one of our nearest and dearest compete on stage that Sunday in his first bodybuilding competition. But not before we spent Saturday as a free day in London while he did his last minute preparation. For some in our group it was virgin trip to central London so we ticked off a couple of the major photo spots. 

Where the Queen (sometimes) lives… not a bad size for central London!

Queue Buckingham Palace. Probably the first spot people go to when the visit London. And to be fair, despite ending up there or St James’ Park with a coffee every time we need to get a coach or a train from Victoria, it is a spot Emily and I have never got a photo before. So we can tick that off for ourselves as well. 

Hanging out in St Jame’s Park

After (not) seeing the Queen and walking through the park admiring the pelicans we made our way to South Bank. Feeling super patriotic we passed Whitehall and crossed Westminster Bridge. And Big Ben was still covered up by scaffolding, how many years has that been? Stopping for photos of London Eye, we reached our destination.

The lovely murky brown Thames, feat. the London Eye

We spent the afternoon in South Bank between watching street performers, eating dinner and enjoying drinks, and paying a small fortune for a piss. That’s central London for you. We then headed to Hyde Park for some last drinks in the sunshine before heading back completing the day.

Really was a stunning day

Up bright and early again we sprinted across London for the main event; Rob’s bodybuilding show. With some great physiques on display, he managed to secure 2nd place at the classic physique first timers category. A great end to months of effort. Loading up on Five Guys for the journey back we drove back to Plymouth far more sedately on the M4, M5. First weekend in London of 2021; done!

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