Bananas at Minions: Cornwall – 04/09/2021

Making the most of some of the recent September sunshine, Emily and I went out with my sister and her family to Minions in Cornwall. All being busy people, it isn’t too often that we all have calendars that align these days. And there really is nothing better than sharing a family adventure. So spending the free time we do have together is really made all the more special by being able to visit such beautiful places. All the better that they are not too far from our homes.

Beautiful Bodmin Moor

Minions is located on the east edge of Bodmin Moor, and for Emily it was a first visit. There are plenty of amazing things to see when walking this part of Cornwall, and we explored two of them on this occasion. First stop was The Hurlers, a series of three stone circles, and their neighbours, The Pipers. The name “Hurlers” derives from a legend, in which men were playing Cornish hurling on a Sunday and were magically transformed into stones as punishment. Considering the stones are neolithic and up to 4100 years old, this seems unlikely! The “Pipers” are supposed to be the figures of two men who played tunes on a Sunday and suffered the same fate. According to another legend, it is impossible to accurately count the number of standing stones. We didn’t try to count them, so I guess we will never know…

The Hurlers

Our second destination was the Cheesewring; one of the most famous landmarks on Bodmin Moor. Instantly recognisable and standing tall in the distance, we all headed to our destination. The little legs of my nieces trudged along, eager to climb the rocks, but less eager to go the distance. Hanging out in these places with my nieces reminds me of my early forays onto Dartmoor as a child! After climbing to the summit, and taking in all the views, all that was left was to pick out a suitable picnic spot and then play some family games. Oh and of course offer an ice-cream bribe to walk back to the car once exhausted. It sure is hard being little! 

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The Cheesewring