Beautiful Burrator – 28/11/2020

Grumpy with the disappointment of our moving day being delayed again, Emily and I decided to walk off our Thanksgiving food babies on Dartmoor. Not giving the trip much thought, as we assumed we would be doing car journeys filled with crap back and forth all day, we headed to the Janner favourite: Burrator Reservoir. Which is no bad thing; considering it is my preference to visit quieter spots, Emily had never actually been up Sheeps Tor – which is definitely a must!

Wild paths en route

Parking around the bend from Norsworthy Bridge, the climb up Sheeps Tor from the north face is one of the few truly winding walks to be had on Dartmoor. Stopping off at Narrow Tor to catch our breath, before pushing on to the summit, we were rewarded with some of the best views in the south of Dartmoor. Miles of open moorland in one direction, and the imposing crags of Leather Tor and Sharpitor jutting out from the reservoir in the other. Well worth the effort.

Views from the top

Our descent back to the reservoir was broken up with a visit to Maiden Tor.  We shared this space with the ever present Dartmoor ponies, before wandering through Beechcraft plantation and joining the waters edge for our slow amble around the lake. As the walk got easier it also got busier – the price you pay for a leisurely stroll. And quite unlike our normal Dartmoor outings.

What are you looking at?

The highlight of our final stretch back was the Burrator waterfall, a tall cascade of Devonport Leat leaving piping and tumbling down the valley and into the reservoir. It is a hybrid of manmade and natural waterfall and is a firm favourite with locals. Another Burrator classic that Emily somehow hadn’t seen before! And with plenty more things to see and do in the area, it might not be too long before she sees it again. Not next weekend though, as we will have house stuff to sort out!

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Another day, another Dartmoor waterfall…