Big Cats on the Moor – 30/03/2019

Another weekend, another local adventure. Getting the 59 bus from the city centre to Sparkwell Emily and I visited Dartmoor Zoo to see the two new lionesses, Kimya and Nikita. They arrived on the 28th March from Longleat to keep Jasiri (the zoo’s resident lion) company. It has been on our radar to visit since Emily moved to Plymouth from Colorado because of the variety of big cats that live at the zoo. 3 African Lions, 2 Amur Tigers, 2 Cheetahs, 2 Carpathian Lynx and 1 Jaguar make up the largest Big Cat collection in the South West! With plenty of other animals to see, from zebras to meerkats, the zoo has a great collection to go and visit.

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Benjamin Mee – owner of Dartmoor Zoo and author of We Bought a Zoo

Dartmoor zoo is of course famous for the We Bought a Zoo book and film, telling Benjamin Mee’s story about the trials and tribulations he went through to save the zoo and its animals. Today it is a thriving research centre focusing on conservation work and the relationship between people and animals. None of which would be possible without the constant hard work Benjamin, zoo staff and volunteers all put in. Animal cognition and welfare are areas of study and equal focus is given to how animals promote health, education and overall wellbeing for us.

A Rhea – one truly prehistoric looking bird

If you are interested in learning more, I would thoroughly recommend a visit. After all, your support helps this wonderful project and these majestic animals after being raised in captivity would face euthanasia without the zoo. Go check it out. If you’ve been before, go again. Especially with the beautiful Kimya and Nikita now settling in! We loved it and think you would too.

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Why not go check out the two live tigers on your next visit?