Climb your heart out: Polruan to Polperro – 09/08/2020

This 7.1 mile stretch of the coastal path is filled with unbelievably gorgeous views into secluded beach coves, boats and small yachts sailing out on the shining seas, and winding steps up and down the coast… so many steps. This was easily the most strenuous section of the coastal path we have done so far. Still, 100% worth it and making a holiday weekend out of two sections of the coastal path has been the absolute best experience with memories made to last a lifetime.

Goodbye Fowey! Hope we meet again someday

We started the day taking a ferry across from Fowey to Polruan, fresh air hitting our skin as we enjoyed every moment of our five minute journey across the waterways. Polruan is unique in the Cornish coastal towns that we have travelled through as it still operates as a fishing town. Seeing the huge boats already having unloaded their catch of the day sit on the bay tidying up their decks, I thought about how the ridiculously good seafood feast we had the night before was probably caught on one of these boats the same day. You cannot get a more locally based dish! We climbed up the steps through narrow lanes with adorable houses and an old stone church before making it to our first clearing and seeing the view of Fowey and all that we walked the day before. It’s such a great sense of accomplishment to see how far you have gone on the coastal path.

All ferry rides are fun, no matter how short

Feeling the warmth on our backs we headed along the rolling trail admiring the vastness of it all, about a third of the way in we saw one of the most beautiful beaches down below, Lantic Bay. Totally secluded and accessible via the most intense set of zig zagging steps – or if your lucky enough to have one – via a kayak or boat. It is nothing short of a slice of paradise. A perfect little beach. It would be the perfect place to spend a day; we would more than happily come back here. You cannot beat having a perfect slice of Caribbean-esque beach less than 2 hours from where you live. 

This picture came out a bit hazy but still, what a view!

After this breathtaking site we carried on and the trail as it started to ramp up with it’s rollercoaster up and downs. This, paired with the increasing heat and a minor injury playing up on my knee, made the rest of this stretch quite a challenge. But it was so worth it. And as we later read in the overview of this walk in our Coastal Path book, getting to see something this beautiful shouldn’t come easy. We were incredibly lucky to have such beautiful weather on our side this day, regardless of how much harder it made the hike. Towards the last third of the walk we spotted another perfect beach below, Palace Cove. How two beaches so beautiful can be so close to each other is amazing. “Ca Plan Pour Moi” had been stuck in our heads all day and this 70s hit really captured the carefree, upbeat and perfect feeling of the trip.


When we finally made it towards Chapel Cliff towards the end of the walk we were both almost out of water and drenched in sweat (charming, I know) but Polperro was just around the bend and we could practically taste a crisp cider that we had completely earned ourselves. We spotted a perfect and cool looking spot to grab a bite to eat and that well deserved cider, the Three Pilchards. Over a light fish lunch of fried whitebait and crab bisque, and a few cold beverages, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief and success as we marvelled at just how perfect the weekend had been.

Overjoyed to reach this view and rest our feet

The day wasn’t over quite yet though! Liam’s parents were meeting us for dinner in Polperro so we had a few hours to kill before their arrival. We headed down the steps to the waterfront and set ourselves up to relax and enjoy the sea and sun. Still feeling pretty warm from our hike we both took some time to swim, the water was ice cold but honestly was exactly what we both needed! We capped the day off with a fantastic dinner at the same place we went for lunch – it was that good. This time we sat out on the second floor beer garden, getting to experience the panoramic view of Polperro while eating cider battered fish burgers. It was a perfect weekend and one I will never forget. We have spent a lot more money visiting more far flung places than Cornwall. 

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Stunning Polperro