Enchanted Saltram – 30/11/2018

“Step into the magical world of Enchanted Saltram” – that’s how it was advertised. Thinking we would just be going to see the house decorated and the gardens lit up, Emily and I went this Friday for a bit of festive cheer. It was so much more. Walking up to the house and seeing it illuminated from the outside we were already in love with the magic of the place, but after getting our visitors guide and then taking a tour around the gardens, we knew we were in for a real treat.

Saltram House, illuminated

The whole house was themed: children’s fairy-tales told through lights and decorations. A Once Upon a Time intro was in place at the Entrance Hall that flowed through to Cinderella at the Staircase Hall – complete with glass slipper and pumpkin carriage. 12 Dancing Princesses followed in the Saloon and Beauty and the Beast was in the Dining Hall. Yes, the rose in the glass case was there, as were all your favourite characters.

Rapunzel and her hair

Walking down the belly of the sea monster to the Butler’s Pantry we found Jiminy Cricket and Gepetto’s workshop from Pinocchio. Rapunzel tried to escape in the Courtyard, Goldilocks and the Three Bears were eating porridge in the Kitchen and finally the Sword in the Stone was in the Orangery. Magical and Pure Disney.

Some of the gardens

The light and music show in the gardens were awesome, with trees lit up all colours and a mix of classical and disco music playing depending on where you were. The whole visit ends with a disco ball lit tree tunnel that is the most impressive I have seen since the famous Dark Hedges (the Kings Road from Game of Thrones) in Northern Ireland.

If it wasn’t for the disco balls, this would be quite eerie!

All in all, a fantastic visit and well worth taking children to for something a little different this festive period. For adults it is a perfect excuse to have a walk outside in the cold winter air fuelled by thermos glühwein. That’s what we did anyway!

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Trees lit every colour