Exploring Kaohsiung – 15/11/2019 to 18/11/2019

BBQ, dim sum, noodles, drinks, board games and catching up. A ferry to Cijin Island, mooching around local markets trying different street food, walking stretches of black sand beaches and climbing to a lighthouse viewpoint. Our first 24 hours in Taiwan was everything me and Emily wanted. Seeing Anja and meeting her boyfriend Kevin was of course top of the agenda for Emily on this trip through Asia and luckily for us it meant we got the inside scoop on all the best places to eat and things to do in Kaohsiung and beyond.

Views over Koahsiung harbour and city

A beach day to a secret local spot and tea with ocean views, after a stroll around a beautiful temple complex, followed. A bit of slow living is key after the back to back travel pace we maintained in Korea, and beach days with friends are the perfect rest and recuperation. When the scenery is as pretty as it is in this part of the world there is a lot to be said for taking a step back and just being.

Friends reunited

We rounded out our first stay in Kaohsiung this trip with a visit to Pier 2, a local art centre that eclectically blends street art with contemporary exhibition spaces, allowing local artists to display pieces and wares for sale to anyone venturing through. From handmade jewellery to prints on bags and stickers – whatever item you want here you can probably find it. Street performers entertain the crowds and as we milled through the marina, taking everything in, there were plenty of places to eat, drink and snack along the way. All in all, a successful few days!

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