Get Lost: The Cornish Maize Maze – 22/08/2020

Doing something totally different is always fun and doing it with friends is even better. So, when offered a day out in Cornwall wandering around fields aimlessly, Emily and I jumped at the chance! We teamed up with friends Martyn and Steph to tackle the Cornish Maize Maze. A great day out, and an annual event that changes each year. This year we wandered around a pirate themed puzzle searching for Blackbeard’s Treasure.

Pre getting lost…

The maze was split into two sections and being the overqualified adults we were we breezed through the first set of clues and maze quite easily. No puzzle for children was going to stump us, especially once we had worked out the last clues were over a bridge and the bridge did not in fact signal the end the maze… 

Definitely getting lost now…

After walk around the petting zoo we set off for Blackbeard’s Treasure Part 2. Foolishly, we thought it would be as easy as our first foray into the corn maze. Needless to say, we were wrong. Finding the first clue proved easy enough, but after wandering aimlessly and further and further away from the start for 20 minutes, we soon knew something was up. Questions were being passed between us as crazed mutterings of people who had been cut off from society for years. Where even was the start? Have we missed loads of clues? What if we haven’t and the next clue find is actually number 2 and the maze is going to take us hours? The next clue proved to be number six and after back tracking, walking in many circles, and a good extra hour, we finally completed our quest. We had found the treasure. Or rather we had joined the dots in on our map with stickers… Good enough for us!

A moment to relax!

More farm animals and King of the Haystack rounded off a really fun local day out with friends. One that any kids in the Devon and Cornwall area would be sure to enjoy, as well as big kids at heart. That’s my excuse anyway! 

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