“Gorge”ous Cheddar and Bath – 17/10/2020 to 18/10/2020

To celebrate Emily’s birthday this year we took a trip to the Mendip Hills to meet some of her family. Heading out early in the morning, we made good time to Cheddar. After some cheese shopping (of course!) we ventured into the gorge for a day of rock climbing. Something neither Emily nor I have done before…

Cheddar is a really pretty place

Luckily her cousin, Pedro, has spent a few years climbing in Cheddar Gorge and was able to show us the ropes. Literally! We tried 3 different climbs over the afternoon and I honestly have so much respect for people able to do it without being spoon fed exactly what to do. It was extremely difficult and made me painfully aware of how weak I am!

The rugged cliffs of Cheddar Gorge

While Emily was a lot better than I was, it is something that we both need a lot more practice in if we were ever to venture out alone. I’m fairly certain we would die otherwise! Still, it has given us some resolve to try indoor bouldering in Plymouth, both to boost fitness and technique. Maybe next time I might actually finish a climb…

Emily being somewhat better than me!

That being said it was extremely fun, and in such a beautiful rugged location it was a really cool birthday activity. Hanging out with Pedro, his wife Charlotte and little boy Lautaro made for a really special day – and the drive back to their place in Bath was truly stunning taking in some amazing British countryside. A mental note to look up some hiking routes in the Mendips has been stored away!

The real deal!

After a night of stew, wine and games we ventured out into the local woods for an autumnal walk. After exploring old tunnels, seeing a sparrow-hawk and marvelling at the beautiful countryside we headed back for a full roast beef before driving back to Plymouth. It was great to see family, especially for Em who has not seen any since Covid has made these things much more difficult. The trip flew by, so we will have to go back soon.

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Autumn walks in Bath