Lochside Ramble: Loch Lomond – 06/08/2019

Emily and I knew that if the weather allowed, we would take a trip to Loch Lomond and visit the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. Since weather has been on and off showers since we arrived in Glasgow, yesterday when waking up and seeing a clear morning we got ready and headed to our local train station to make the journey to Balloch!

Leaving Balloch – the wonderful riverside village

A mere 18 miles and £6 for an off-peak return and we had ventured out of the major Scottish urban hub and into some of the most pristine Scottish countryside I could ask for! Balloch is a beautiful little village, straddling the River Leven, which runs south of Loch Lomond to the River Clyde. Picturesque and with weather to match, we set off to Balloch country park for a Lochside walk.

Cruising the Loch

The views did not disappoint, woodland and lakeside paths intertwine and as you cross leats and mini-waterfalls there is a constant view of mountains and the massive silvery body of water that is Loch Lomond. Seeing a loch has to be a quintessential Scottish experience. I’m thrilled I got to do it.

Postcard Scotland!

After a few hours and a small picnic (Scottish smoked salmon bagels – delicious!) we headed back through the country estate to see the gardens and castle itself. Although currently disused, Balloch Castle is an impressive Castle home, commanding incredible views. Hopefully in the future there will be funding to repair and reopen. For now it certainly adds atmosphere to your visit!

Balloch Castle and grounds

A short walk back to the station and Emily and I were ready to head back to Glasgow. A post will follow on what to do and see in 3 days at the city, but if you have some extra time the short half day or day trip out to Loch Lomond is a must! Vast wild green spaces during a city break. The dream!

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Bubbling mini-waterfalls – water in motion