Lukesland Gardens – 11/04/2021

Sometimes you find out about places purely by chance and Lukesland Gardens was one of them. Emily and I planned to go to Endsleigh Garden centre in Ivybridge and find a Dartmoor walk that started not too far away to make the best use of our Sunday. While trawling google maps for suitable parking places, points of interest and routes to walk, I stumbled across the Gardens. Intrigued, having never heard of it before, we decided to roll the dice and check it out.


Winding through some narrow roads, we turned up just ahead of opening at 11. Paying £6 entry was a novelty after such a long time without having anything to actually use money on, but immediately on entrance we were both impressed with the place. With the garden only open limited days of the week due to being a lived in estate, making the most of a Sunday trip is recommended. 

Spring blossom to make any gardener jealous

We were spoilt for choice in our time there; exploring the various gardens, lakes, waterfalls, woodland and beautiful house was a perfect morning. We ambled about, enjoying the walk and the space in the nice weather. English country gardens really are something special this time of year, as all the trees were in bloom and the spring flowers made the whole experience a colourful change of pace to our normal more rugged walks.  

Fairytale house

It definitely competes with the best National Trust gardens, and it took us over an hour to explore most of the routes. The map was easy to follow, and really it was just the perfect hidden gem. My advice would be to visit Endsleigh garden centre before you get here though, or you may end up spending a small fortune on plants afterwards like we did!

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