Old America: Boston – 07/01/2020 to 10/01/2020

Our flight back to London was cheapest from Boston so Emily and I decided to fly from Colorado and spend a week exploring the tri-state area of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Our first few days were spent in Boston itself as we stayed in Cambridge, near the Harvard Campus, and took in the history of the famous colony and it’s place as the academic hub of modern America.

The famous golden dome of the Massachusetts State House

Arriving late and grabbing only a burger before turning in for the evening, the following morning we loaded up on a Mike’s cannoli before heading to the site of the Boston Tea Party. For just under $30 you get a full hour guided tour. Or rather you get a fully period enacted and interactive experience. You live through the Boston town meeting, storm the merchant ships and before you know it are chucking crates of tea overboard into the harbour. As a tax paying Englishman it is definitely something I never thought I would be doing! I love seeing local history like this, especially when it is this important to world history. It was the single most pivotal moment in the buildup to the Declaration of Independence after all, so well worth a visit!

The Boston Tea Party

Since it seems Emily and I can’t go to a city without doing one, we ended up visiting Harpoon Brewery and doing their tour. More beer. More hipster love for craft brewing. But this time with east coast apples and cider as well! A fun and informative tour, the sampling at the end was very generous – after St. Austell Breweries it is most generous tour I have ever been on – which is always an added bonus. All for the bargain price of $5. You can’t beat that.

Just a few beers

After a slightly disappointing dinner in Little Italy we ended our first full day. Braving the freezing cold the following morning, we started the day with a deli sandwich and a wander around the impressive Harvard University campus. Red brick buildings. Students milling around. All the grandeur and pomp you would expect from the educational capital of North America. We even stopped to rub the boot of the John Harvard statue for good luck. Hopefully that will help me on my job search…

Harvard University

Our afternoon was spent exploring some of the Freedom Trail, taking in a few of Boston’s famous historical highlights. We had a very detailed tour of the Massachusetts State House; not only is it free, but for the US is very old and steeped in history, while remaining functional today. This was followed by a brief wander over Boston Common, the oldest city park in the United States and a rush to warm up inside the Union Oyster House. The oldest restaurant in the USA and we got to try their famous New England Clam Chowder and, of course, seafood and oysters. Not a bad way to gear up for a mini road-trip… 

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