One Walk a Day: COVID19 in Plymouth – March 2020

When Liam and I returned to England we were so excited to start this new chapter, after applying and receiving offers to start new job roles we felt like it was all going to fall into place again… but then came Corona and put everything on pause. Unexpected as it is, we are grateful that we have our health, each other, a roof over our heads and that we can stay in touch with family and friends wirelessly. Being under lockdown is a challenge for anyone. It’s been hugely important and helpful to us to still be able to get out of the house once a day and go for a walk. It’s given us the opportunity to see areas nearby that we wouldn’t necessarily have visited too often in the past. Also we have had exceptionally nice and sunny weather this past week so we were really able to make the most out of our outings!

Hello little Robin!

Not too far up a hill near where Liam’s parents live is Weston Mill Cemetery. A beautiful place in its own right. There are plenty of benches scattered throughout to sit down and read or just to reflect on the world and enjoy the sound of the birds in the surrounding trees. I’m not sure if Liam or I have mentioned this before in a previous blog but cemeteries are underrated places to visit. The gardens are always spectacular and especially during this time where we’re supposed to be social distancing as much as possible, this is a pretty perfect place to do it. Plus there’s usually always at least one cute cat hanging around patrolling around the headstones, so that alone makes it worth it.


Some lovely springtime flowers

Once you go through the cemetery you cross the road and end up in Ham Woods. A local nature reserve nestled in a small valley, it is covered with greenery and tall trees. When you’re here it’s hard to believe just past either tree-line there are neighbourhoods clustered with street after street of row houses on either side! Ham Woods is an amazing natural reprieve which we are extra grateful to have stumbled across recently because it is so accessible to where we are currently living and it is the perfect place to go on our once a day outing during lockdown. There’s never too many people out on the path and if you do see others it’s easy to step aside and have more than the required 2m distance between. Listening to the creek, walking up the dirt paths and just being able to surround ourselves with this little pocket of nature is absolute bliss.

Wonderful space for some social distancing

I know these are weird and unprecedented times, but for Liam and I being able to get out and be somewhere like Ham Woods keeps us sane. So take this opportunity to get out somewhere nearby and hopefully discover somewhere new that you can make a quick daily escape to and enjoy being outside again. You could end up with a new favorite local spot to keep visiting well after all of this blows over. That’s all for now. Stay safe everyone ♥

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See, the birds know, it’s good to leave the house and get some fresh air!