Out with a Bang: Ao Nang – 28/09/2019 to 03/10/2019

That title is actually pretty misleading. In reality Liam and I had a perfectly relaxing and laid back last couple of days in Thailand. We carried on a blissful routine of swimming in the sea, reading books under the shade of the palms and watching the sunset fade away every evening. It was simple and immensely enjoyable! Not a bad way to spend our time in the resort filled beach town of Ao Nang. 

Maybe next time we will do some sweet sunset parasailing! 

Ao Nang is one resort area in Krabi, but that’s not to say that tourists were the only people we came across. During one of our strolls we were approached by a smiling yet slightly timid group of young students with their teacher who were out and trying to meet visitors to practice their English with. Talking about the things we loved in Thailand while hearing the kids practice their english with us was heartwarming and inspiring. It takes a lot of courage to go out and learn a new language. It’s virtually imperative for those who’s businesses rely on tourists to pick up some English, which takes hard work and practice. It’s an impressive thing that I think travellers who have English as their first language often lose perspective of. We just assume everyone we come across will know what we’re saying. This was an amazing chance encounter. These kids got to practice english with native speakers, we got to see Thai children happy and learning with their peers. Win, win.

Liam and the Beachside English Conversation Crew

When we weren’t soaking up the laid back beach life, we walked along the main streets in the town looking for some top notch final meals in the country. Our strolls paid off because we had several delightful meals during our stay here! We had delicious Indian feasts (where Liam introduced me to my new favourite curry, the bright and flavourful jalfrezi) and a few amazing fresh seafood dinners. My favourite of which was Pla Sam Rod, the Thai three flavored fish. Fried sea bass covered in a sweet, sour and spicy pineapple sauce. Unforgettable.

I will admit this isnt the most appetising photo of it, but it was so good I even ate the eyeball 

Before we knew it we were on our last day in Thailand. One four hour ride crammed into a mini van like sardines and we were back where we started on this leg of the trip, Phuket. Since we only had one night before our flight to Vietnam we decided to stay at a guesthouse near Nai Yang beach, only a ten minute drive from the airport. The room was lovely, air conditioned and spacious, with the beach only a five minute walk away. One last sandy stroll along the shore followed by a seaside candlelight dinner over some lovely pineapple fried rice was the perfect note to leave Thailand on. This is such a beautiful part of the world and we have been so lucky to have the chance to explore it together.

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Our final stroll on the Nai Yang beach, I’m going to miss these beautiful blue waters!