“Peak British” at Saltram House – 06/04/2019

Making the most of our National Trust memberships, Emily and I are visiting the country houses that are local to us this spring. This weekend just past we decided to return to Saltram House now that the property is open fully. We have of course been before, for the winter Enchanted Saltram event, which you can read about here.

Not a bad place to live in all honesty…

The house as it is today was designed by Robert Adam and is one of the finest examples of Georgian design and architecture to be found in Britain. The Parker family made sure that Saltram House is the most impressive country estate in the region. There are many paintings on display, including several portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds, one of Britain’s most famous painters and the founder and first president of the Royal Academy of Arts. A useful family friend for the Parker’s in a pre-photography society and just one of the many eminent figures that the Parker family regularly entertained. 

Saltram has one of the largest collections of Reynolds

I love taking Emily to Saltram. It represents everything that American’s often fantasise about England. Saltram House is even the filming location for the Sense and Sensibility film. As Emily said to me (while enjoying a cream tea after a walk around the gardens) it really is “peak British”. Being able to explore a filming location for a Jane Austin period drama, followed by a pot of tea has left me inclined to agree!

Afternoon tea at the Chapel Tea Rooms anyone?

For me it is one of the most impressive places where I am lucky enough to call home. The fact that we bumped into friends while wandering around the kitchen really shows how important Saltram and the estate is to the local area. And with an 18th Century Art Exhibition coming to the house in May it probably won’t be too long until we’re back!

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Oh to have a kitchen this big!