Rame to Plymouth: 6 miles of Coastal Path – 23/02/2019

After feeling ill for the past week but starting to feel back to my old self in time with the weather improving this weekend, I decided to take Emily to see my favourite place in the local area, Rame Head. As featured previously here. Catching the number 70 bus from outside Plymouth Train Station, we arrived at Rame village by 10:30. From there, it wasn’t long before Emily caught her first glimpse of St. Michael’s Chapel on top of the peninsula.

Heading towards St Michael’s Chapel

After enjoying the sea beating on the cliffs that encompass Rame Head from all sides, we started the hike back to Cremyll. Just over 6 miles of coastal path stood between us and home. Nothing too arduous, just good weather and good company to make me feel back to my best.

The sea beating into the cliffs

Armed with a flask of tea and some really good baguettes we made great time towards Penlee point. Showing Emily the places I have walked and fished for years was everything I wanted it to be – totally rewarding. I really am lucky to have a partner as adventurous and outdoorsy as I am.

Penlee Point, always a favourite picnic spot

Sharing a pint of tribute and a pint of rattler at Cawsands (when in Rome…), we carried on our steady march back to Devon. This stretch of the coastal path is fantastic, dipping in and out of woodland as often as you walk alongside a cliff. Plus, you never know what you will see, making return hikes so rewarding. On this hike we were lucky enough to see two Buzzards give a full mating display on the wing. Spring really must be here!

Nowhere I’d rather be, nobody I’d rather be with

Following the coastal path, it wasn’t too long before the familiar stretches were underfoot. Walking along the Mt Edgecumbe estate is somewhere we have been recently to explore the deer park, so it is familiar territory even for my American sidekick. Mt Edgecumbe always means home however, and it was hardly any more time before we were on the Cremyll Ferry and heading home. A solid 6 miles of coastal path hiked, plenty more to go!

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Just a short ferry back to Plymouth!