Seals of Approval: Rhode Island – 11/01/2019 to 12/01/2019

Day 2 of the road trip! Check out Day 1 here. Leaving our farm homestay in the morning, Emily and I headed out to our final new state of the trip – Rhode Island. Smallest state by area, this East Coast state is THE state by the sea. No East Coast road trip would be complete without an early morning stop at Dunkin Donuts. So, once we were fuelled with coffee and sugary goodness we headed straight for our destination of the day: Newport.

Stunning bridge vista from Newport

It’s amazing when you travel thousands of miles and find places which are unerringly familiar to where you live. East coast architecture aside, Newport is the same as Looe back home in Cornwall. Harbour. Fudge shops. Restaurants. Independent art galleries and boutique jewellery shops featuring beach glass and silver. Ice cream parlours. It was like being at home.

Even an old sailboat… 

We weren’t visiting Newport to visit Looe though. No, we were boarding a bay cruise to see wildlife. Save the Bay Seal Tours have a daily cruise around Narragansett Bay, enabling you to get up close and personal to the Harbor Seals that frequent the area. Safe from all natural predators and protected by law from humans, the Narragansett population lives here in seal paradise throughout the winter months.

Seal colony just chillin

This money from tourism in return goes to the Save the Bay non-profit and allows them to perform eco-preservation throughout the rest of the year. Everyone is a winner. Even the seals!

This lady looked less than impressed to see us though!

We rounded out our Rhode Island visit with a hunt for clear broth clam chowder – a RI specialty – and ended up stumbling across Amaral’s. This local gem not only gave us a delicious bowl of the local chowder, but also gave the the opportunity to try a tomato variation and even satisfied my cravings for British style fish and chips. Result! A perfect road trip day.

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