Lukesland Gardens – 11/04/2021

Sometimes you find out about places purely by chance and Lukesland Gardens was one of them. Emily and I planned to go to Endsleigh Garden centre in Ivybridge and find a Dartmoor walk that started not too far away to make the best use of our Sunday. While trawling google maps for suitable parking places, points of interest and routes to walk, I stumbled across the Gardens. Intrigued, having never heard of it before, we decided to roll the dice and check it out.


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Only Falkirk and Horses: Falkirk – 09/08/2019

It’s safe to say when we planned to go  via Falkirk on our way to Edinburgh, with our travel packs and day bags in tow, we didn’t plan for it to be quite so rainy! These things happen though when travelling and is probably all par for the course in Scotland. So in the spirit of Robert Burns, we ploughed on despite our best laid schemes going slightly awry. We couldn’t just miss out Falkirk when visiting central Scotland. Not with the Wheel and Kelpies to be checked out!

Absolute BEAST

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Just a Wee Post: Glasgow – 05/08/2019 to 09/08/2019

Hi there! It’s Emily and I’m here with my debut post on the Indiana Janner blog 🙂 So, Glasgow… After a quick hour-long flight from Exeter, Liam and I landed in Glasgow Monday afternoon with plenty of time to do some day one exploring of the city. It was our first time visiting what many hail to be the cultural capital of Scotland and we were excited to discover all that it had to offer!

Promising first impressions

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