A Fistful of Corndogs: Colorado – 17/01/2022 to 26/01/2022

Absolutely the worst part of the pandemic has been being separated from our other home, family and friends. So, finally, after two years, Emily returning to Colorado to see her family was always going to be extra special. Plenty to catch up on, plenty to see, and plenty to do. And what better way to kick-off than with a rodeo? A stadium packed with cowboys and cowboy boots. More horses and bulls than you could shake a rattlesnake at. One cowboy even got stomped on the head… Awesome! The Americana of course just kept on coming – a local police hero, who had been shot the week before, was brought on to an ovation. A real hallmark moment that ticked all the boxes. It was so American, and such a cool experience. I can’t wait for my next one. I might even join in with the Star-Spangled Banner next time. Seriously.


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Mile High Christmas: Colorado – 11/12/2019 to 07/01/2020

Looking out the plane window the clouds finally break, below an endless stretch of plains filled with crop circles. Small clusters of cities dot the way until the plains meet the great majestic Rocky Mountains. The plane descends further and the white peaks of Denver International Airport come into view and no matter how many times I fly into D.I.A or the length of time that passes between, the feeling I get seeing this sight is always the same. A wave of nostalgia, comfort, and gratitude to have grown up somewhere so beautiful. It feels like home. I’m through the roof with happiness that I get to share this with Liam for the second of many times to come. Especially since we’re here for the holidays! Family, friends, and festive food and scenery.

Views of the Rocky Mountains from the sky 

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USA 2018 Part 5 – Eric Cartman and the rest

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Don’t trust Eric Cartman. It seems obvious, right? Having seen 21 seasons of South Park, I should have known better. But I didn’t. Casa Bonita. His favourite eating establishment in Denver, Mexican restaurant come theme-park – was my “must see” choice when visiting, despite the reservations of Emily and her family. Okay. Not reservations, they told me outright it was crap. But I didn’t listen. Catch 22 though isn’t it? If I didn’t visit I’d still have wanted to go and probably would have been salty for missing out.

Best place ever?… The lying bastard

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USA 2018 Part 4 – Santa Fe to the Springs

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The Grand Canyon behind us, it was time to head back to Colorado. Deciding to go back a different route to the way we came, after leaving The Desert View Watchtower we set off towards New Mexico. Our trip to Santa Fe was long and uneventful, a 7.5 hour slog first through desert and then open country, with a couple of quick rest and coffee breaks along the way. As usual though, our destination was more than worth the wait.

Desert View Watchtower – our final stop at the Grand Canyon

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USA 2018 Part 1 – Fort Collins, Horsetooth Mountain and Fort Lupton

4 months after Emily left me in Plymouth to finish some studies in the US, I finally arrived in Colorado to meet her. It only took a 6 hour coach from Plymouth to London and then a 10 hour flight from Gatwick to Denver. No biggie! Especially considering it meant the start of our adventures in her home state before she moved with me back to the UK. A delay with immigration meant I was a little late to meet her, but there she was, sure enough, holding a sign she had painted. Happy that the arduous wait and long-distance relationship was over and once again amazed at how much love one person can give another, I went with her to Fort Collins.

Yes I kept the sign…

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