Beautiful Burrator – 28/11/2020

Grumpy with the disappointment of our moving day being delayed again, Emily and I decided to walk off our Thanksgiving food babies on Dartmoor. Not giving the trip much thought, as we assumed we would be doing car journeys filled with crap back and forth all day, we headed to the Janner favourite: Burrator Reservoir. Which is no bad thing; considering it is my preference to visit quieter spots, Emily had never actually been up Sheeps Tor – which is definitely a must!

Wild paths en route

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The Right Side of the Tracks: Hanoi – 24/10/19 to 27/10/19

Our first day in Hanoi we hit the ground running. The bus dropped us off near our hostel around midday and after checking in we headed out to discover the old quarter! Liam took over navigating duties for this busy city after I almost had a bit of a panic attack trying to get us around Saigon, and I’m so glad he did because we were both able to enjoy the city so much more. Train Street is a famous stop amongst those who travel to this city. In the alleys lining the train tracks are various cafes and shops tourists can wander around until a train comes by. Shop owners fold up tables and chairs while tourists line against the wall to feel the rush of the train whizz by. Pretty exciting stuff! So when we arrived and found railings and guards informing us that it was closed we were pretty bummed. We still managed to get one picture at this famed spot before moving on.

Without the cafes it could just be any old train street

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