Plymouth to Plymouth: Massachusetts – 12/01/2020 to 14/01/2020

Our last day of our mini east coast road trip rounded off back in Massachusetts, destination: Plymouth. As soon as we started planning our trip to the east coast, Liam and I knew we wanted to stop here, marking the beginning of our around the world trip in Plymouth UK and the end of the trip in Plymouth Massachusetts. These two towns have such a strong historical UK and US relationship with each other so it was even more fitting for the two of us to visit.

What a historic site!

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Exeter: The Wizarding World of J K Rowling – 12/01/2019

This weekend Emily and I had a magical adventure. It is common local knowledge that J K Rowling went to University in Exeter. Being American however, this was not known to Emily! So, seeing as Exeter is the next city over from Plymouth – just 40 minutes away – I decided to show my favourite Harry Potter fan (a Potthead?) some of the places that influenced J K Rowling’s writing and actually feature in the books! We woke up early, headed to the train station and 3 stops later were in Exeter.

The impressive Exeter Cathedral

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