A Fistful of Corndogs: Colorado – 17/01/2022 to 26/01/2022

Absolutely the worst part of the pandemic has been being separated from our other home, family and friends. So, finally, after two years, Emily returning to Colorado to see her family was always going to be extra special. Plenty to catch up on, plenty to see, and plenty to do. And what better way to kick-off than with a rodeo? A stadium packed with cowboys and cowboy boots. More horses and bulls than you could shake a rattlesnake at. One cowboy even got stomped on the head… Awesome! The Americana of course just kept on coming – a local police hero, who had been shot the week before, was brought on to an ovation. A real hallmark moment that ticked all the boxes. It was so American, and such a cool experience. I can’t wait for my next one. I might even join in with the Star-Spangled Banner next time. Seriously.


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A Week in Paradise: Hawaii – 04/12/2019 to 10/12/2019

Hawaii ? Truly one of those places you don’t realise how special it is until you visit. A Pacific island paradise, with every convenience you come to expect in America. The problem is it is so remote. A tiny dot in the Pacific and a daunting prospect for travel if you’re from England. Which is why we chose to visit on this trip; flying Taiwan to Colorado you couldn’t ask for a better layover. Since we only had 5 full days we decided from the outset to spend them all on Oahu as there is so much to see and do there.

Just 5 full days here

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Urban Nature: Kaohsiung, Lambai and Kenting – 21/11/2019 to 29/11/2019

Kaohsiung has a lot of parks. Which is fantastic. Living in a city, both Emily and I love them and the convenient outdoors green spaces they bring. Lucky for us, Anja and Kevin were able to point us in the direction of many of the best during our stay in the south of Taiwan. Whether wandering around the Lotus Pond or ambling our way around Weiwuying park, we were never too far from nature despite the high rise environment we were based in. With plenty of amazing local delicacies just waiting for us to walk enough to gain an appetite (from savoury beef noodle to peanut butter mochi stuffed waffles) we made sure we got out and about as often as we could!

If you go in through the dragon and out through the tiger you get good luck ?

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Clean Mountain Air: Sa Pa – 27/10/2019 to 30/10/2019

Our last stop in Vietnam was all about getting away from the city of Hanoi and resetting ourselves ready for the chaos we imagined super industrialised Korea would bring! Emily and I headed to the mountains and a homestay 8km outside of Sa Pa for fresh air, trekking, altitude and a much slower pace of life for 3 nights.

Planning out trekking routes with a mountain doggo

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Exploring with Friends: Dalat – 08/10/2019 to 11/10/2019

After a long and bumpy bus ride Emily and I arrived at Dalat, leaving the coast for mountains. Mountains in Vietnam nearly always mean coffee. So, while getting to grips with the city, our first afternoon was spent in a coffee shop enjoying the local brews and planning the days ahead.

Emily’s former life as a barista hasn’t gone to waste in Vietnam!

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Our Piece of Pai: An Escape to the Hills of Northern Thailand – 21/06/2019 to 26/06/2019

Emily here! Pai. A small village nestled in the mountains of north Thailand known for its relaxing atmosphere and popularity amongst backpackers, especially the more “granola” crowd. Liam and I decided to stay at a place more removed from the vegan / western restaurant filled town itself and do our bit of R&R at the Pai Village Farm Homestay. During our time here we got to hang out with ducks, bunnies, sheep, goats and some prehistoric looking chicken with feathery feet. We also took long winding walks through mazes of rice paddy fields and did some reading on our covered porch while we listened to the rain fall around us. As if all of that wasn’t serene enough I also got to see my first few fireflies! It was perfect.

Doesn’t this just look like a postcard for relaxation?

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Chiang Mai: Gateway to Northern Thailand – 17/08/2019 to 21/08/2019

Liam and Emily again; catching up where we finished off! Liam: The bus, surprisingly, was not that bad. At all. As far as 11 hour transit goes, it was in fact one of the better ordeals we have had to face. That being said, once we arrived and checked into Living Place 2, our hostel of choice for Chiang Mai, we both immediately napped until gone midday. What to do in Chiang Mai once you wake up starving? Get Khao Soi of course! One of the best things about our hostel was it’s amazing location within the Islamic centre of the city. Plenty of choices for Northern Thai curries and soups!

Delicious, delicious Khao Soi

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In and Around Bangkok – 14/08/2019 to 16/08/2019

Liam and Emily here and another joint post! Liam: In the first 24 hours in and around Bangkok we saw the good and the bad. Pork noodle wanton soup for 40 baht (~£1.10) = fantastic. The tourist trap that is Damnoen Saduak market, not so great.

Just waiting to rip us off… I’m joking, us tourists get what we deserve I guess!

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Exploring the Fringe: Edinburgh – 09/08/2019 to 12/08/2019

Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Edinburgh. After a day of transit, Emily and I arrived slightly tired to Waverley station. Now we had the simple task of taking all of our gear across the city. A piece of advice. If you plan on visiting Edinburgh over the Fringe festival season, book early. Airbnb for our dates were few and far between. Still being on the outskirts wasn’t too bad. Only a 15 min walk from the North Sea made up for any initial Trainspotting impressions of our estate.

The North Sea, probably very cold!

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Monkeying around: Gibraltar – 16/11/2018 to 18/11/2018

Previous post – London

If you have an early morning flight and you need to get across London, get an Uber. For £37 Emily and I got across the city at 4am in 1/3 of the time and only £15 more than it would have been to get 2 buses and a National Express from Tooting to Gatwick. After a non-eventful 3-hour flight we landed in Gibraltar, walked basically across the runway to get into the city (an experience in itself), to be at our apartment just after midday.

Not a bad view of the Rock from our apartment!

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