The 6 Mile Wembury Loop – 19/03/2020

In these uncertain times, it is going to be the little details that make 2020 bearable for a lot of us. To avoid cabin fever, having spent the past 2 months working hard on acquiring government jobs only to have our start dates pulled out from under our feet, we felt the need to stretch our legs. Isolating for physical health is obviously going to have a long-term impact on mental health for a lot of people, and Emily and I decided to regain some sense of normality by heading out to Wembury (one of our favourite places) and picking out a new hike there. Who says you need to social distance inside anyway?

Rugged isolation

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Hiking with Dad: Polperro to Looe – 30/06/2019

Dad came with Emily and me for our recent coastal hike. A while ago he mentioned to us that he wanted to do the Polperro to Looe stretch as customers he takes on that bus route frequently tell him how beautiful it is. So, getting up early on Sunday morning, we drove to Looe and grabbed a breakfast before jumping on the Number 73 bus to Polperro. Nice for him to not be working for a change! Walking through the village it is easy to see why it is a favourite tourist destination in Cornwall. It’s a proper seaside town.

The tide was out as we arrived

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Antony House – 18/06/2019

Antony house is quite unusual for a National Trust property in that it is still lived in by the Carew Pole family. Because of this the 18th century house is closed at weekends, meaning that to explore this amazing location Emily and I needed to book time off work. The date was set in stone many weeks back, meaning that rain or shine we were going to visit before we left Plymouth for good. So we settled on June 18th… And it turned out to be raining. Of course. Not that this would stop us – even Emily is a seasoned veteran to the fickle British weather by now. Raincoats on, and after the number 70 bus journey across to Torpoint, we walked to Antony in light drizzle. Arriving at the property we were allowed to borrow an umbrella from the reception staff, before seeking refuge in the house – proof that National Trust always delivers, rain or shine!

Oh to live in a house like this

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3 Generations at Wembury – 16/06/2019

Wembury beach to the Mountbatten ferry – a 5.9 mile stretch of the coastal path that I have done many times before and will probably walk many times in the future. Wembury beach, being so close to Plymouth, is my childhood. I learned to crab and rockpool there. I spent many happy summer afternoons with my family paddling in the sea and eating picnics. The Mewstone out in the water inspired my imagination for years. So needless to say, it’s a place I am always happy to return to.

Emily setting off and the Mewstone jutting out of the sea

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7 Miles of SWCP: Rame Head to Portwrinkle – 18/05/2019

Another weekend, another hike and coastal path adventure. Emily and I have decided to try and hike the whole coastal path in the coming years, stage by stage. At 630 miles long we know this is a challenge for several years to come, but this weekend we chipped off another 7 miles. Previously walking Rame Head to Plymouth and Plymouth to Jennycliff we decided to go back to Rame and go west further into Cornwall.

The always spectacular Rame Head

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Good Friday at Cotehele – 19/04/2019

Making the most of the sunshine this bank holiday, Emily and I took the train to Calstock. Our plan was an adventure filled day hiking through the lower Tamar Valley and making use of our National Trust memberships at Cotehele House, Quay and Mill. What a day! Amazing weather and the scenic route into Cornwall set the tone. Walking past the impressive Calstock viaduct we started our hike down into the valley and then back up the hill to Cotehele House.

Calstock viaduct, crossing the Tamar

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“Peak British” at Saltram House – 06/04/2019

Making the most of our National Trust memberships, Emily and I are visiting the country houses that are local to us this spring. This weekend just past we decided to return to Saltram House now that the property is open fully. We have of course been before, for the winter Enchanted Saltram event, which you can read about here.

Not a bad place to live in all honesty…

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Enchanted Saltram – 30/11/2018

“Step into the magical world of Enchanted Saltram” – that’s how it was advertised. Thinking we would just be going to see the house decorated and the gardens lit up, Emily and I went this Friday for a bit of festive cheer. It was so much more. Walking up to the house and seeing it illuminated from the outside we were already in love with the magic of the place, but after getting our visitors guide and then taking a tour around the gardens, we knew we were in for a real treat.

Saltram House, illuminated

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A la Ronde – 27/10/2018

Having recently got National Trust memberships, Emily and I were buzzing to get out and explore one of the places close to us. So when Martyn and Steph (Martyn being my longest suffering friend of 26 years and Steph being his partner who we met in University) asked if we wanted to do something last weekend we jumped at the chance. After a look at the various options open to us, we settled on A la Ronde. The 16 sided house seemed the perfect choice – quirky, not too big for a quick afternoon visit and open for its last weekend before closing for the winter.

Like something out of Harry Potter – we could see Luna Lovegood living here

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