Plymouth to Plymouth: Massachusetts – 12/01/2020 to 14/01/2020

Our last day of our mini east coast road trip rounded off back in Massachusetts, destination: Plymouth. As soon as we started planning our trip to the east coast, Liam and I knew we wanted to stop here, marking the beginning of our around the world trip in Plymouth UK and the end of the trip in Plymouth Massachusetts. These two towns have such a strong historical UK and US relationship with each other so it was even more fitting for the two of us to visit.

What a historic site!

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Urban Nature: Kaohsiung, Lambai and Kenting – 21/11/2019 to 29/11/2019

Kaohsiung has a lot of parks. Which is fantastic. Living in a city, both Emily and I love them and the convenient outdoors green spaces they bring. Lucky for us, Anja and Kevin were able to point us in the direction of many of the best during our stay in the south of Taiwan. Whether wandering around the Lotus Pond or ambling our way around Weiwuying park, we were never too far from nature despite the high rise environment we were based in. With plenty of amazing local delicacies just waiting for us to walk enough to gain an appetite (from savoury beef noodle to peanut butter mochi stuffed waffles) we made sure we got out and about as often as we could!

If you go in through the dragon and out through the tiger you get good luck 🤷

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Adventureland: Vang Vieng – 01/09/2019 to 05/09/2019

Ah Vang Vieng. Famous drink and drug fuelled party town of Laos. Arriving here after Luang Prabang was a little disappointing. Not much visible Laos culture, just a small strip geared towards westerners. Happy hours where the alcohol is free. Weed and opium for sale in various bars. It was clear in just our first night here how Vang Vieng got its reputation for being the party hotspot of South-East Asia. Emily and I weren’t really there for that though. Well we were a little. Who can say no to unlimited free whisky after all…

Just some of the amazing beauty Vang Vieng has to offer

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Chiang Mai: Gateway to Northern Thailand – 17/08/2019 to 21/08/2019

Liam and Emily again; catching up where we finished off! Liam: The bus, surprisingly, was not that bad. At all. As far as 11 hour transit goes, it was in fact one of the better ordeals we have had to face. That being said, once we arrived and checked into Living Place 2, our hostel of choice for Chiang Mai, we both immediately napped until gone midday. What to do in Chiang Mai once you wake up starving? Get Khao Soi of course! One of the best things about our hostel was it’s amazing location within the Islamic centre of the city. Plenty of choices for Northern Thai curries and soups!

Delicious, delicious Khao Soi

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Only Falkirk and Horses: Falkirk – 09/08/2019

It’s safe to say when we planned to go  via Falkirk on our way to Edinburgh, with our travel packs and day bags in tow, we didn’t plan for it to be quite so rainy! These things happen though when travelling and is probably all par for the course in Scotland. So in the spirit of Robert Burns, we ploughed on despite our best laid schemes going slightly awry. We couldn’t just miss out Falkirk when visiting central Scotland. Not with the Wheel and Kelpies to be checked out!

Absolute BEAST

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The Boys are Back in Toon – 12/04/2019 to 15/04/2019

8 lads, one Stag Do. The boys were back in Toon. Heading to Newcastle for a Stag Do is something that many English men have done over the years and with Martyn (the stag), supporting Newcastle United, it was the destination of choice for us on his weekend bender. Once we had all met up and done the admin of checking into our hostel, we made a beeline for the Quayside to find a pub and watch Newcastle play away to Leicester and start our Friday night. An unconvincing 1-0 win and several pints of Newcastle Brown to begin our first night of debauchery. It could have been a lot worse. Unfortunately Martyn only gets very specific time off, so getting away for a home game was not to be! But watching Newcastle in a sports bar in the Toon gave him the best atmosphere possible. After spending the night going from bar to bar we gradually saw the surprisingly pretty city centre (with old limestone buildings) turn into a boozy, sick, fake tan, Greggs and kebab apocalypse nightmare. It was AMAZING.

Sir Bobby Robson at NUFC

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