50 Miles on the SWCP: Erme to Noss Mayo – 20/06/2020

Now that I am back on that Monday to Friday working life grind the weekends have become a thing of beauty again. Two days of complete freedom for us to spend how we like, and Liam and I the thing we love to do most is to get outside and explore the beautiful areas we are so lucky to be surrounded by. After two weekends of dreary wet weather we finally had a clear day where we could get back out there. We decided to spend the day completing the next stretch of the South West Coastal Path, 9.8 miles from Erme Estuary to Noss Mayo.

Such a great stretch of beach

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Hiking with Dad: Polperro to Looe – 30/06/2019

Dad came with Emily and me for our recent coastal hike. A while ago he mentioned to us that he wanted to do the Polperro to Looe stretch as customers he takes on that bus route frequently tell him how beautiful it is. So, getting up early on Sunday morning, we drove to Looe and grabbed a breakfast before jumping on the Number 73 bus to Polperro. Nice for him to not be working for a change! Walking through the village it is easy to see why it is a favourite tourist destination in Cornwall. It’s a proper seaside town.

The tide was out as we arrived

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3 Generations at Wembury – 16/06/2019

Wembury beach to the Mountbatten ferry – a 5.9 mile stretch of the coastal path that I have done many times before and will probably walk many times in the future. Wembury beach, being so close to Plymouth, is my childhood. I learned to crab and rockpool there. I spent many happy summer afternoons with my family paddling in the sea and eating picnics. The Mewstone out in the water inspired my imagination for years. So needless to say, it’s a place I am always happy to return to.

Emily setting off and the Mewstone jutting out of the sea

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And the march goes on: SWCP Looe to Portwrinkle – 01/06/2019

On Saturday Emily and I made another 7.6 miles of progress on the coastal path. Travelling again via public transport we caught the train at 9:21 from Plymouth station, changed at Liskeard and arrived at Looe by 10:30. The weather was perfect (sunny and slightly breezy) and after a brief wander in the little seaside town to grab a pasty and some other provisions we headed off westwards. Destination: Portwrinkle. Our aim was to finish where we ended our last hike (here) and make our total distance this season stretch from Jennycliff to Looe – 29.5 miles.

With beaches like this, who wouldn’t want to spend a sunny morning in Looe?

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7 Miles of SWCP: Rame Head to Portwrinkle – 18/05/2019

Another weekend, another hike and coastal path adventure. Emily and I have decided to try and hike the whole coastal path in the coming years, stage by stage. At 630 miles long we know this is a challenge for several years to come, but this weekend we chipped off another 7 miles. Previously walking Rame Head to Plymouth and Plymouth to Jennycliff we decided to go back to Rame and go west further into Cornwall.

The always spectacular Rame Head

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The Waterfront Walkway – April 2019

The South West Coastal path is the longest National Trail in Britain, totalling some 630 miles long. While it often offers stunning vistas over wave beaten cliffs, it does weave through cities along the way. One of which is our home – Plymouth. Over several small walks this past month Emily and I have walked the coastal path within the city limits; the Waterfront Walkway.

Tidal pools at Hooe Lake

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Why you should visit the National Marine Aquarium in 2019

I don’t think there will ever be a point in my life where sustainability, and in particular sustainable tourism, will not be something that I aim for. How lucky am I then to live in a city with one of the UK’s premier sustainable attractions – the National Marine Aquarium. Green Tourism Gold certification, conservation and education at the core of everything they do and entrance now valid for a year, it is fair to say there has never been a better time to visit.

Who doesn’t love Friday the Green Turtle?

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Rame to Plymouth: 6 miles of Coastal Path – 23/02/2019

After feeling ill for the past week but starting to feel back to my old self in time with the weather improving this weekend, I decided to take Emily to see my favourite place in the local area, Rame Head. As featured previously here. Catching the number 70 bus from outside Plymouth Train Station, we arrived at Rame village by 10:30. From there, it wasn’t long before Emily caught her first glimpse of St. Michael’s Chapel on top of the peninsula.

Heading towards St Michael’s Chapel

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Wembury to Plymouth – 21/07/2018

At 630 miles, the South West Coast Path is the longest National Trail in England, running from Minehead in Somerset, around Cornwall and Devon, to Poole in Dorset. Living in Plymouth, the opportunity to walk stretches of the trail in both Devon and Cornwall couldn’t be easier, and is one of my favourite pastimes – come rain or shine.  That being said, I decided that this weekend it was time to go on a longer hike. So because the misty, blowy start to the day promised some fantastic views, I packed a day bag and got the bus to Wembury. The fact that this walk would give me material for my blog and help me out with the Global Fitness Challenge was an added bonus! My aim was to hike all the way back to Plymouth, following the South West Coast Path and enjoying my (reasonably) local part of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

When I arrived at Wembury the Great Mewstone jutted out from sea, cutting through the fog

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