50 Miles on the SWCP: Erme to Noss Mayo – 20/06/2020

Now that I am back on that Monday to Friday working life grind the weekends have become a thing of beauty again. Two days of complete freedom for us to spend how we like, and Liam and I the thing we love to do most is to get outside and explore the beautiful areas we are so lucky to be surrounded by. After two weekends of dreary wet weather we finally had a clear day where we could get back out there. We decided to spend the day completing the next stretch of the South West Coastal Path, 9.8 miles from Erme Estuary to Noss Mayo.

Such a great stretch of beach

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Seals of Approval: Rhode Island – 11/01/2019 to 12/01/2019

Day 2 of the road trip! Check out Day 1 here. Leaving our farm homestay in the morning, Emily and I headed out to our final new state of the trip – Rhode Island. Smallest state by area, this East Coast state is THE state by the sea. No East Coast road trip would be complete without an early morning stop at Dunkin Donuts. So, once we were fuelled with coffee and sugary goodness we headed straight for our destination of the day: Newport.

Stunning bridge vista from Newport

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Monkeying around: Gibraltar – 16/11/2018 to 18/11/2018

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If you have an early morning flight and you need to get across London, get an Uber. For Β£37 Emily and I got across the city at 4am in 1/3 of the time and only Β£15 more than it would have been to get 2 buses and a National Express from Tooting to Gatwick. After a non-eventful 3-hour flight we landed in Gibraltar, walked basically across the runway to get into the city (an experience in itself), to be at our apartment just after midday.

Not a bad view of the Rock from our apartment!

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