USA 2018 Part 4 – Santa Fe to the Springs

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The Grand Canyon behind us, it was time to head back to Colorado. Deciding to go back a different route to the way we came, after leaving The Desert View Watchtower we set off towards New Mexico. Our trip to Santa Fe was long and uneventful, a 7.5 hour slog first through desert and then open country, with a couple of quick rest and coffee breaks along the way. As usual though, our destination was more than worth the wait.

Desert View Watchtower – our final stop at the Grand Canyon

We decided to take a break from National Parks and the outdoors to explore Meow Wolf – the Santa Fe interactive arts installation. The House of Eternal Return tells the story (tells is a loose term here) of the Selig family and how they warped the nature of time and space. Part haunted house, part choose-your-own-adventure and part jungle gym, it really is an incredible immersive experience.

Time traveller? Alien? Extra-Dimensional Beast? You decide!

It is sponsored by George R. R. Martin and damn, is it easy to see why! The scope of the landscape is magical, we spent two hours there – every turn we went into we thought we were nearing the end, only to discover another wing and whole area of rooms. I would definitely return (eternally?) and will keep my eye out for future locations.

Living my Bladerunner dreams… of Electric Sheep

Our other goal for New Mexico was to try the famous Green Chile that is grown and then smoked there before being turned into the sauce. After leaving Meow Wolf we went to The Shed, having been told it served some of the best in town. In all honesty it was a disappointment, particularly for my partner Emily who wanted to give me the authentic taste she loves. Luckily, after spending the night in an Airbnb, we tried again for breakfast at The Pantry. If you’ve been following my US blog so far, you will know how in love I am with the breakfast burrito, and this one came smothered in the delicious green sauce. New Mexico goal completed, we were fully fuelled to head north back to Colorado.

Image result for green chile new mexico

New Mexico Chile Verde – image courtesy of google

Arriving at Colorado Springs, the last stop on our road trip, Emily took me to one of her favourite places – the Garden of the Gods. A National Natural Landmark, the Garden of the Gods is an amazing location. Even the more remarkable considering it is inner city. Brilliant red rocks cascade out of the ground in every conceivable and inconceivable shape and size, and Pikes Peak – a 14er – juts out in the distance. There is plenty of wildlife there as well, bighorn sheep were easily spotted as were various birds. I still didn’t manage to see a snake – something that managed to elude me despite going through 4 arid states.

The Garden of the Gods – amazing inner city park

After an hour, Emily and I left to meet her friend Anja for dinner, at Spice Island Grill. The food was great, as was the company. Meeting Emily’s friends and family was the main purpose behind this US trip, so I am thrilled the people who mean the most to her had the opportunity to see how happy she is and wish her well on this next chapter. I’m thrilled it’s clear that Emily only fills her life with amazing people and consider myself very lucky to be one of them. After saying goodbye, we made the final leg of our journey back to Fort Lupton, arriving late at night. Our first road trip together, covering 4 states, was over. And what a trip it was!

Next time – final adventures in Colorado. Watch this space!

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