USA 2018 Part 5 – Eric Cartman and the rest

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Don’t trust Eric Cartman. It seems obvious, right? Having seen 21 seasons of South Park, I should have known better. But I didn’t. Casa Bonita. His favourite eating establishment in Denver, Mexican restaurant come theme-park – was my “must see” choice when visiting, despite the reservations of Emily and her family. Okay. Not reservations, they told me outright it was crap. But I didn’t listen. Catch 22 though isn’t it? If I didn’t visit I’d still have wanted to go and probably would have been salty for missing out.

Best place ever?… The lying bastard

So we went. Food… awful. Staff… miserable. “Theme Park”… 2 minute wander through a tunnel. Cliff divers… tragic exploitation of some poor teenage worker. I won’t be going back. Please don’t make my mistake. DON’T TRUST ERIC CARTMAN.

Poor cliff divers…

Denver seemed like a great city for the short period of time I was there, and certainly is on my list of places to spend some more time in when I return to Colorado in the future. We only had a single afternoon this trip however, and after grabbing an ice-cream and having a brief walk around, we headed out for drinks to meet up with two of Emily’s friends. Emily met Miya and Rob while working in Denver after college and have kept playing pub quizzes (trivia) ever since. My turn to join in. Rob bought his partner along as well, and the 5 of us finished second. It would have been a joint first. But apparently Italy is a European country that ends in a vowel… I guess English and American are different languages! Still, a pretty good result though and I’m sure we’ll win next time.

Never again

After Denver time was running out for us. With having to pack for Emily to move to the UK as well, we made time for one final adventure in Colorado – a trip to Boulder and the Flatirons. Another of Emily’s favourite hikes, I was looking forward to hiking in the iconic mountains and spending some time in the Rocky Mountains front range.

What a sight!

We weren’t aiming to summit today, but followed a trail that starts in flower meadows before climbing to a viewpoint. We hiked out to Royal Arch and as with Horsetooth, after climbing for a few thousand feet I was winded. Luckily after getting more used to the altitude by this point, I found recovery easier this time and despite a gutting false summit that involved a 500 feet scramble down a gulley only to climb right back up again we made it to Royal Arch without incident. And the views of Colorado are always oh so worth it.

End of the hike at Royal Arch

Sadly I had to leave Boulder behind but I’d like to do more of the Flatirons in the future. After some packing (okay a lot) Emily was ready to come with me to the UK. My two week tour was over seemingly in the blink of an eye and after final goodbyes for Emily to family and friends we were flying from Denver International Airport and making the long journey to London and then on to Plymouth. Since then I’m pleased to report that Emily moving here has been fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. With a couple of manic weekends behind us I can’t wait to get back to some form of normality and begin sharing local adventures again. Now permanently featuring my partner in crime. I’m a lucky guy!

So watch this space.

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Amazing views of Colorado… I can’t wait to go back