Wild Camping: Dartmoor – 12/09/2020 to 13/09/2020

If you follow what Emily and I you will know that Dartmoor is one of our most regular haunts. So when old university friends Simon and Maisie mentioned coming down to visit for an overnight wild camp, we were thrilled. I was tasked with sharing some Dartmoor highlights during an afternoon walk, as neither of them have seen or done much hiking in the National Park. So we drove to Venford where we shared one of our favourite walks that covers the brook, waterfall, Bench Tor and ridge line before circling around the reservoir. 

Back again

You can catch up on the highlights of this area HERE and HERE as Emily and I have visited this spot twice already this year! Return visits to beautiful locations are always worthwhile, especially when you get to share it anew with friends or family members. They loved it as well, so my knowledge of South Dartmoor has come in use yet again!

A different view across the Dart Valley

Once we had finished our hike we headed away from Holne Moor and across Dartmoor to a place where wild camping is allowed – near Foggintor Quarry. Carrying our tents, a small picnic and a few beers down the broken path to our chosen spot, we pitched camp for the night opposite King’s Tor. It was open and quiet – we only had a buzzard and a few cows for other company. Spending the time catching up over the amazing sunset and starry night sky was something will all treasure in years to come.

The most stunning sunset

Waking up surprisingly late considering we camped (I blame the beer…) we packed up – leaving no trace we had been there at all. After a well earned breakfast at the Dartmoor diner we parted ways. Mission accomplished; a fantastic walk, a wonderful camp, a full english breakfast and the promise to do it again. Perfect.

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