You Bellever Believe It – 08/11/2020

After driving blind through thick sheets of fog on Saturday and settling for a walk on Roborough Down, Emily and I headed back out to Dartmoor this Sunday just gone for a full stretch of our legs. Parking at Postbridge, with much better weather, we started our hike taking the trail up the hill and through Bellever forest.

Moss covered woodland

The well maintained path through the forest is well sign posted, making exploration of the many archeological sites dotted in the area easy and rewarding. In fact the whole area is super accessible! With ample parking, visitor centre and signposted history it is a fantastic place for people of all ages and abilities. While I love how rugged and wild Dartmoor can be, it is great to see areas of it available to everyone.

Ancient kist burial chamber

The walk leads to the impressive Bellever Tor (443m), overlooking most of the surrounding moorland. It is obvious why it has been a focal point for millennia in the area and why there is so much archeological activity with numerous kists and cairn circles to explore. This weekend we shared the summit with a few other hikers – socially distanced – and a few ponies – not so socially distanced!

Pony and hikers

Leaving the other hikers behind we tried hunting out a lesser known tor in the area – Little Bellever Tor. It was incredibly overgrown and hard to find. Walking to where we assumed it should have been it turned out we were standing literally on top of it… It was only after going further south did we see the face of the rock formation! Another tor bagged, but not one worth a return visit.

Bagging tors all year round

Walking back around the tors we completed our walk with the opposite part of the loop. Heading through the moss choked woodland we rounded out into Bellever hamlet before walking to join the East Dart river. Quickly stopping at the ancient clapper bridge, we admired the views with golden dying sunlight before heading back to the car and driving home as the sun set to a roast dinner. Sunday sorted!

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The medieval remains of Bellever clapper bridge